Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Overnight stay in Chernobyl hotels


Hotels in Chernobyl - accommodation for the night

 In several-day tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone the group is placed overnight in office hotels of the restricted city of Chernobyl.

  There is no concept of "hotel for tourists" in the Zone so do not expect the usual service and facilities from such accommodations. Nevertheless, there are good conditions for relaxing after a day of active exploration.

 Radiation background in hotel rooms does not differ from the background in Kiev or Moscow (see photos below).


Hotel "Desiatka"

  The hotel is situated in the heart of Chornobyl town, in the former building of "ChernobylInterInform". There are two floors in this hotel. It was renovated in 2014. Simple twin and triple rooms. One restroom and shower for two rooms.

  Photos of hotel "Desiatka" in Chornobyl town: 



Hotel "Pripyat"

 It is located in the town of Chernobyl, in the Polupanova Street. All the rooms are simple, in the Soviet style. All the visitors are provided with the ironed starched linen stamped by Chernobyl special industrial complex, some soap and a towel. In quite a Soviet-style there are faults with toilet paper. Occasionally the hot running water might be off. The rooms are furnished with Soviet simple furniture, there is a TV (only in "lux" - and this is the only difference from the basic room) and even a radio, which seems to broadcast from the past about achievements of regional farms in Ivankov district.

  The rooms are of two types - 3-bed and 4-bed. The accommodation in the rooms (if it is possible) is agreed with the participants of the trip but it is still at the discretion of the commandant of the hotel.

  Photos of the hotel "Pripyat" in Chernobyl: