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Dining in the Chernobyl Zone


Dining in the Chernobyl Zone

   One- or several-day Chernobyl tour is minimum 8 hours in the Chernobyl Zone, at the open air and with huge amount of impressions and emotions. You will get a healthy appetite for sure, and that is why we suggest you to have a meal in cafes of the Chernobyl Zone.

 The food is quite tasty and hearty, often even abundant. It is cooked from ecologically safe products, brought from outside the Zone. Each day the cafes serve the workers and top managers of the Chernobyl Zone. Inside the cafes and near them the radiation background is the same as (and often even lower than) in New York, London or Paris.

 Many years of organizing Chernobyl tours have proved that those tourists, who rejeced booking the lunch or dinner in advance – feel hungry and most unhappy, when the group enjoy the meal.

  In one-day tours it's enough time to have either lunch or early dinner before the return ride from Chernobyl to Kiev (which, apropos, takes almost 2 hours).
  In several-day tours the meals includes breakfasts and dinners: the meals are so abundant (sometimes even redundant) that the breakfast and sandwich are enough for the tourist to feel comfortable during the day and get a healthy appetite for the dinner.





 You can order the meals by checking the box "Food" in the application form. The cost - from 5 USD (EURRUBUAH) to 9 USD (EURRUBUAH) for each meal – will be included in the total tour cost. You can order a vegetarian meal through the application form too.

  Bon appetite!