Отзывы о Chernobyl-TOUR

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about guided tours to Chernobyl and Pripyat

Answers to the questions about tours to Pripyat and Chernobyl

Please, have a look at the answers for the most frequently asked questions:

№1: What is the cost of the tour?
There are 2 tour types – scheduled and private guided tours. They differ in price.
You can find the price of the scheduled tour in our calendar choosing the date you are interested in – here.
For information on customized (private) tours please click here.

№2: What should I do if I would like to take a guided tour to the Chernobyl zone?
You need to define the desired date of excursion, and then to send an application for participation and prepay a reservation. Then, you should wait until the date of excursion and come to the meeting point in time.

№3: From what age it is permitted to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone?
In accordance with Ukrainian law, it is allowed to visit the Chernobyl exclusion zone starting from 18 years. Notarized parental consent or even their personal presence in the trip does not change this strict condition.

№4: Can the tour be canceled?
The tour can be canceled only under unusual circumstances (such as: weather conditions under which it is not possible to get into the Zone physically, in case of accidents or acts of public authorities, making it impossible to travel, etc.)
We can tell from our experience, there was only one cancellation of the trip - December 26, 2012, when the exclusion zone for the first time since the accident was in the state of emergency due to broken power lines and snow drifts. The workers of the Exclusion Zone were evacuated. Visitors were not allowed of course. Money were returned to the tourists , and those who have put the tour off got bonuses.

№5: What are the medical certificates required for the tour?
You don’t need any medical certificates to participate in the tour. It is enough to send us your passport data and prepayment to register for the tour. If your health allow you to travel by bus and by plane  you can safely participate in Chernobyl-TOUR.

№6: What document is needed for the tour - passport or ID?
The passport (not ID!) you put in the application should be with you when passing checkpoints of the Zone.
If you changed your passport number, or name after registering in the group please let us know about it not later that one week before the day of the tour, or else you won't be allowed to enter the Zone.

№7: When could I have a guided tour to Chernobyl?
In at least 3-10 business days after submitting an application for a trip. It is due to the necessity to obtain a warrant to enter the Chernobyl exclusion zone for every single participant of the excursion. Announcements of all the currently planned scheduled trips you may find in the section of scheduled tours. Scheduled guided tours take place several times a month. In between those trips, you may wish to order a private tour for your own group of people.

№8: I will arrive from another city or another country. How could I organize my trip?
All of the groups start off from the biggest city which is close to the exclusion zone – the city of Kyiv. Scheduled tours start off the southern terminal of the main railway station (see the map). Time of start off and arrival of the scheduled tours at the exclusion zone is consistent with arrival of the trains from the main travel directions of Ukraine and Russian Federation. We start off at least in 30 minutes after arrival of main trains, and return back within at least 1 hour before their departure. In cases of private tours, the transportation vehicle may be provided to the most convenient location for this group within the city borders of Kyiv.

№9: What the cost of the tour would be if I come from another country/city?
The cost of excursion is fixed and does not change depending on the residence place of the tourist. This price is supposed for the tours starting in Kyiv, since it is the closest to the exclusion zone and the biggest city with convenient road interchange. Travel costs to Kyiv are not included to the cost of this guided tour.

№10: What payment methods do you accept?
This question is described in details in the Payment section of this web-site.

№11: How safe are the trips to Chernobyl?
You may learn in more details on this regard here. In brief, if you adhere to the rules of conduct at the Chernobyl exclusion zone and follow the instructions of the guide, the trip to exclusion zone will be absolutely safe. When attending the places on touristic routes, any additional protective measures or subsequent clothes disposal will not be required.

№12: Is there a threat of radiation to clothes, photo and video equipment?
It is prohibited to put technique on the ground, like any other thing in the Zone,  not to jeopardize it to the radioactive contamination. If you are using a tripod think over protection for the legs, for example, polyethylene bags, which can be thrown away later at checkpoints radiation control if they are contaminated.
It is prohibited to take contaminated items out from the Zone. It is mandatory for all the visitors of the Exclusion zone to pass radiation control of the clothes, foot wear and personal items several times at the checkpoints. In the case of radiation contamination with particles the item should be decontaminated (washed). If decontamination isn’t successful the item must be confiscated. Judging from our experience there weren’t any cases of photo-equipment contamination. There were cases of footwear contamination of the especially curious visitors, but with the help of a brush and washing powder we always managed to decontaminate it, so on the exit of the radiation control point their footwear was clean.
Conclusion:  as long as you respect the radiation safety rules’ point number 5 there is no threat to your things.

№13: Is it possible to take pictures in the Zone?
Photo and Video in the Zone is allowed with a few exceptions.
These exceptions are:
  1. To take pictures of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is allowed at the special site only. This prohibition is connected with the international law on protection of nuclear facilities.
  2. To take pictures of the checkpoints and of the police officers is also prohibited.
All other places and objects are free to be photographed.
Air shooting (by drone or other aircraft devices) require a separate permission.

№14: Where I could get a radiation dosimeter?
You may rent a dosimeter for a tour. Please contact the manager of Chernobyl-TOUR for this inquiry. Alternatively,  you may purchase the dosimeter.

№15: Where I could have a meal in the exclusion zone?
It is allowed to take own food. However, it is allowed to eat in the buildings or inside the bus only. In addition, there are service canteens in Chernobyl, which offer tasty and unhazardous foods. All the food is transported from Kyiv. During scheduled tours we have our dinner in the canteen of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Cost of the dinner is 8 USD.

№16: What is the number of people per group?
In scheduled tours, size of the group varies between 10–35 participants. But the more participants, the more accompanying guides are traveling with a group. Upon arrival at travel destination, the group splits onto several small subgroups in order to avoid crowding. In private tours (tours on request), size of the group is unlimited.

№17: Where can we stay overnight during the several-day tours?
There are hotels in high-security town of Chernobyl. They provide simple accommodations in "soviet” style without VIP services, and however clean and tidy. Radiation background in such places falls completely within the normal range.

№18: Is it possible to get to the exclusion zone without an accompanying guide?
In accordance with current rules and regulations of visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone, staying on its territory for civilians without accompanying guide and itinerary is strictly forbidden. First and foremost, it is due to safety ensuring of the visitors themselves.

№19: Is it possible to take a guided tour using own means of transportation?
As part of individual tour you may use your own transport for traveling to the exclusion zone. In this case you will have to reserve two seats for accompanying guides. If using own means of transport, the cost of transportation will be subtracted from the overall cost of the trip.

№20: Which season of the year is the best for visiting the exclusion zone?
To find out how Chernobyl exclusion zone looks in different seasons, and about the weather in the region in a particular time of the year, click here.

№21: Is it possible to visit Chernobyl and Prypiat by motorcycle or bicycle?
The movement by open kinds of vehicles around Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is strictly forbidden according to the rules of radiation safety. The further details concerning this question you will be able to find here: Visiting Chernobyl and Prypiat by motorcycle (bicycle, byke…).

If you found no answer for your specific question, please, contact our central office via e-mail.